Shazam adds visual recognition

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 29 May 2015

Shazam has introduced visual recognition, a functionality that lets users "shazam" posters, packaged goods, print media and other items to access dynamic pieces of content.

Users with the latest version of Shazam installed on their mobile phones can open the app, tap the new camera icon, and wave their phone over any item with the Shazam camera logo on it or a QR code. Users will then be taken to custom mobile experiences including interactive content, special offers and ability to purchase items or share them with others.

Walt Disney Company for instance has partnered with Shazam to create a visually Shazamable ad (for the Tomorrowland movie) and will continue to roll out visual Shazam-enabled content for upcoming movies. Disney Music Group will also be part of the visual Shazam rollout with content from their artists being Shazam-enabled.

"The introduction of visual recognition is another step on our journey to extend the ways people can use Shazam to engage with the world around them," said Rich Riley, CEO at Shazam. "For brands, we're providing a near-frictionless way to engage customers on their mobile devices, with a single tap of a button."

Visual recognition is developed in partnership with Digimarc. Disney's ad has launched, and additional campaigns will begin rolling out next month.