The Czech research agency Mediaresearch has today (June 1) changed its name to Nielsen Admosphere.

One of the leading providers of information on the Czech TV industry – it has operated the peoplemeter project for 13 years – Nielsen Admosphere has for the last 11 months been majority (51%) owned by AC Nielsen Netherlands.

Commenting on the change, Tereza Simeckova, chairwoman of the board, said: We chose the name Nielsen Admosphere to express our belonging to the Nielsen group. Mediaresearch has been omitted chiefly because the title Nielsen Mediaresearch had previously been used as a brand for other purposes, especially in the US. For several years, Admosphere has been an important and well established brand, and this will now find a broader context.

Michal Jordan, vice chairman of the board, added: “Admosphere represents the original owners of the Mediaresearch group as well, so the new identity reflects the partnership of the multinational and local members of the joint-venture.

“We believe that clients will associate the new logo with the people who remain behind the brand and with the high quality that we continue to provide.”