Rovi has withdrawn a new infringement claim brought against Virgin Media.

Itís the 11th such claim that Virgin Media has either been found invalid and/or revoked by either the English Court or by the European Patent Office (EPO), though Rovi has previously disputed the number.

The latest patent claim related to a TV programme guide using software and information downloaded from the Internet.

Rovi withdrew its infringement claim shortly before it came to trial. The claim has been dismissed by the Court with Rovi again ordered to reimburse Virgin Mediaís legal costs.

Brigitte Trafford, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at Virgin Media, said: ďThis victory is an important landmark. It is Roviís eleventh defeat out of eleven, and upholds our position regarding Rovi over the last seven years. Virgin Media will challenge the two appeals Rovi seems to be pursuing. We are confident their claims will remain unfounded in the courts.Ē

Last month, activist shareholder Engaged Capital has secured two places on the board of Rovi, at the same time removing chairman Andrew Ludwick. Engaged issued a statement indicating that shareholders had given a clear mandate for a change in strategy.