Consumers show big support for cloud DVR

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 04 June 2015

Consumers in the US are interested in cloud DVRs, with Parks Associates research finding that 51% of pay-TV subscribers would like unlimited space to store DVR recordings.

About 50% of US broadband homes either include a DVR as part of their pay-TV subscription or have one purchased at retail. But cloud-based options are still in the early days of rollout: the research firm estimates the total number of cloud DVR subscribers in the US will hit just 4.6 million by the end of 2015, and total 24 million by 2018.

"Consumer interest in cloud DVR features is strong, particularly the idea of unlimited storage capacity. As with any transition, there are challenges and opportunities for operators looking to expand their services into the cloud," said Brett Sappington, director of research at Parks Associates.

"Operators are interested in cloud DVR because these services will reduce their long-term hardware costs while providing multiscreen capabilities, enhanced features, scalability, improved flexibility and new revenue opportunities."

Video operators are also looking to transform their business by implementing cloud and virtualisation; they can use cloud DVR strategies to provide new experiences to grow subscriber revenue, while reducing costs and enhancing their business and infrastructure agility, the firm said.