Wuaki.tv welcomes Netflix to Spain

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 05 June 2015

While the announcement of Netflix's Spanish launch in October is causing excitement among consumers, with #HolaNetflix trending on Twitter, and driving operators to prepare for the arrival of a significant competitor, Wuaki.tv has welcomed the US platform to the market.

The Barcelona-based platform, leader of video-on-demand (VOD) and streaming services in Spain, believes competition will be good for the Spanish market, which is still controlled by large telecom operators. Netflix's arrival is expected to drive viewers to discover new ways of consuming paid for content through the Internet.

"We think Wuaki will continue being the leader in Spain for several reasons, such as our movie premieres to which Netflix has no access, plus our platform has almost the same amount of content as Netflix has in France and Germany," said the Rakuten-owned service in a public release.

As Netflix is the absolute leader of VOD worldwide, Wuaki.tv aspires to become the leader in Europe. It currently operates in five countries - Spain, the UK, France, Germany and Italy - and aims to take this total to 11 territories before the end of the year.