5MN subsidised DTT receivers sold in Thailand

DetailsRebecca Hawkes | 05 June 2015

Over five million subsidy coupons have now been used to buy digital TVs or set-top boxes in Thailand, the country's National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has announced.

The NBTC has distributed 14 million coupons to date, each worth 690 baht (US$20), in the first phase of the country's transition to digital terrestrial television (DTT) broadcasting.

The subsidy is to offset the cost of either a television with an integrated DTT tuner or a DTT set-top box.

The vouchers, which the NBTC began distributing in October 2014, are valid for six months.

Thai operators began rolling out digital television services in May 2014, and by February 2015 had notched up 14.5 million viewers, according to the NBTC. The commission expects some 20 million digital viewers by the end of 2015.