RR Media opens European media centre

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 05 June 2015

RR Media has opened a European media centre in London with the bespoke building providing a range of services including content preparation, playout and online video services for live, global and local multiscreen delivery.

RR Media's centre is the largest content preparation facility to be built in the UK in the last five years and is three times the size of the previous facility. It houses a range of virtualised media capabilities.

"To have a completely blank canvas on which to paint was a technologist's dream we have truly future-proofed the facility whilst accommodating the incredible flexibility that a software environment affords," said Gary Finnerty, technical director. "Rooms are no longer fixed as service suites, rather can be evoked in any guise to suit individual projects and their needs."

Nick Pannaman, MD of RR Media Europe, added: "Whilst traditionally the UK business has had content preparation at the heart of the company, the new facility means we now have a more rounded media centre that will play its part in the future of our global platform and provide space for our expansion plans."