CJ E&M scores raft of Asian sales

DetailsEditor | 07 June 2015

Asian entertainment and media company CJ E&M has revealed sales of its TV offerings, either in the form of original content or format, to companies in China, Thailand and Japan.

Standing out among the deals, is the sale of the formats of variety show Let’s Go, Time Travellers, and makeover show Let Me to China’s 3C Media and Thailand’s Workpoint Entertainment, respectively.

CJ E&M expects the Chinese version of Let’s Go, Time Travellers to earn high viewership, as it believes that the country has many historical sources to pull from, such as the repeated rise and fall of many dynasties. The show will be aired on Sichuan TV nationwide from July.

Further high hopes are expected from daily soap opera A Bird That Doesn’t Sing, sold to Japanese cable channel KNTV, even before it aired on tvN in Korea.

“The latest round of deals is a clear indication that CJ E&M’s content is recognised for its originality and creativeness not only in Korea but also in other countries,” said CJ E&M head of international sales and acquisitions Seo Jang-Ho. “We will continue our effort to produce content that is attractive to a more global audience.”