Mobile Internet use soars in Venezuela

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 09 June 2015

Mobile Internet use has risen by nearly by 70% in Venezuela during the past year, with over one in three Venezuelans currently connected through their smartphones, thus opening new opportunities for the mobile video market.

The latest figures from the Comisión Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (Conatel), show that Venezuela has seen great growth in mobile data usage from the end of Q1 2014 to the Q1 2015. By the end of March, nearly 11.7 million Venezuelans were using their phones to connect to the Internet.

According to William Castillo, Conatel's president, each subscription consumed 364Mb per month, equivalent to 24 minutes of streaming in HD. "The figures point, without doubt, to the expansion of telecoms in the country, meaning a high level of consumption of technological services and devices," said Castillo.

Nearly eight in ten mobile Internet users use their smartphones to get online, while the rest prefer a tablet, the price of which is still too expensive for the average Venezuelan. The country also is reported to have 30.2 million active mobile lines - around one per inhabitant - and almost 12 million smartphones.

During the second half of the period, Venezuela also welcomed 4G technology, which currently represents 1.15% of mobile data connections.