Level 3, Telefónica ink interconnection agreement

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 09 June 2015

Level 3 and Telefonica Business Solutions, through its wholesale business unit, have announced the establishment of a non-exclusive, bilateral interconnection agreement related to their public IP networks worldwide.

IPTV services are carried through both networks with special attention to the Latin American and European markets.

The agreement ensures that customers of the two networks can continue to exchange data effectively and efficiently. As customers' demand for increased content delivery and real-time communication applications continues to grow, Internet service providers are choosing to work together to create a dynamic, flexible network environment.

As part of the agreement, Level 3 and Telefónica will add capacity and establish new interconnection locations between the two networks to stay ahead of growing traffic demands, thus offering flexibility for each network while improving performance and reliability for their respective customers.