Argentina's second video satellite set to launch in September

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 11 June 2015

While the first generation national satellite has only been in space for six months, Argentina is said to be readying its video services satellite ARSAT-2 to be launched between 20-30 September from French Guyana.

According to national news agency Telam, the public company INVAP has already built the satellite, which is going through its test phase, and is scheduled to be taken to French Guyana in August.

The whole process, which has been directed by Argentina's space agency ARSAT, has added up to a public investment of nearly $250 million.

"The satellite is already being tested by CEATSA, which is experimenting with extreme conditions similar to launching and operating in the space," said Norberto Berner, Minister for Communications.

Both ARSAT-1 and 2 are similar in technology, but the second will have more coverage capacity, being able to broadcast in the US and all Latin American countries. "These conditions will enable Argentina's industry to export audiovisual content to the whole continent," added Berner.

The Arsat project, which includes one more satellite and started with the ARSAT-1 launched last October, aims to improve Internet services throughout the country, strengthen DTT networks and contribute to audiovisual content distribution from Argentina to the rest of Latin America and the US.