Neutrino partners with LiveRail on programmatic ads

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 12 June 2015

Ad tech specialist Neutrino (NMG) Digital will use LiveRail as its ad-serving partner for its full-service programmatic video platform.

LiveRail will deliver ads for advertisers and demand partners. In addition, NMG Digital will be serving ads across LiveRail's network partners, for the publishers that it either owns, operates or partners with in a syndication capacity.

The partnership with LiveRail targets large, high-volume publishers with desktop, mobile and online video inventory. Working on a selective, invite only basis with these, it will offer augmented floors, yield optimisation, private auctions, multiple bid systems per geo, and relationships with advertisers and trading desks.

"For the right publisher, who is serious about challenging value in their tiering system of demand partners, Neutrino Digital is a best of breed solution," said Scott Rosenblum, the company's CEO. "By working with LiveRail we can continue challenging the expectations of our publishers from what they have seen in their remnant sales across mobile, display and now video. LiveRail's combination of robust ad serving and their newly developed data products will only lend further strength to our existing robust sales platforms."