Multiscreen video drives home networking uptick

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 12 June 2015

Thanks to the surging amount of multiscreen video traffic on home networks, unit shipments of Wi-Fi extenders will hit 9.6 billion worldwide in 2019, ost double the 5.3 million shipped in 2014, according to IHS.

ARRRIS"We look for shipments of Wi-Fi extenders to grow worldwide over the next several years, especially in North America and EMEA, where there are higher percentages of larger homes or older homes with cinderblock walls that tend to block or weaken Wi-Fi signals," said Jeff Heynen, research director for broadband access and pay-TV at IHS.

"Service providers will increasingly rely on multiscreen video to differentiate their broadband and pay-TV services, and customers will expect these services to work consistently, posing a technical challenge given the variability of Wi-Fi signals," he added.

Overall, the firm found that the home networking device market came to $12.6 billion in 2014, an 8% increase over 2013. Wi-Fi 802.11ac routers comprised 16% of all Wi-Fi router shipments, soaring 744% year-over-year. In the future, IHS sees the breakdown of Wi-Fi router shipments moving further in favor of 802.11ac routers, which are forecast to make up roughly 86% of all shipments by 2019.