Over 1MN more creative skilled workers needed in UK by 2022

DetailsJoseph O'Halloran | 12 June 2015

Research from creative industries skills and training body Creative Skillset is warning that the UK's digital and creative sector is expected to need 1.2 million new workers by 2022, alarmingly equivalent to half the current workforce.

Outside of IT and Tech, the creative digital sector is formed overwhelmingly of small businesses and has high levels of freelancers, characterised by informal recruitment and barriers to training. Emphasising the extent of the challenge, the UK Commission for Employment & Skills (UKCES) report, Sector Insights, Skills Challenges in the digital and creative sector, added that in order to meet this level of growth, fairer access to job opportunities and training is essential. It demanded that the digital and creative sectors speak to a wider field of potential recruits with different educational and professional backgrounds.

As a response to the challenged has launched Hiive a professional networking site for the creative community. The site provides information on accessing the industries, including apprenticeships and later in June 2015 will introduce a service that matches trainees with companies across the UK's animation, games, film, high-end TV and VFX industries on the platform. "With a growing workforce, ensuring fair access is an absolute priority for our industries," commented Creative Skillset chief executive Dinah Caine.

"No matter what background you come from or whether you're a film maker, photographer, games developer, an apprentice a school leaver, a graduate or a digital design veteran, Hiive has the right mix of tools and resources to help you start or further your career."