Ukraine Today is now available in the Netherlands and Belgium, having launched in both countries earlier this month.

It has been offered by the Dutch platform CanalDigitaal since June 2 and as of yesterday (June 11) has been available on the Belgium networks TV Vlaanderen and TeleSat.

All are owned by the Luxembourg-based M7 Group, which has a total of around 1.5 million subscribers, including those on the Czech/Slovak service Skylink, for its DTH operations in Europe.

Ukraine Today will also be launched in Austria within a month.

Commenting on the latest launches, Tetiana Pushnova, Ukraine Today executive producer, said: “The issue of unbalanced information received by audiences worldwide is acute at the moment. Ukraine Today is putting a huge effort into providing European audiences interested in the situation in our region with an alternative point of view. We face a lot of barriers but the last six months has shown that European cable and satellite operators are interested in hosting truthful news sources from Ukraine and Eastern Europe”.