Orange had higher revenues than all other telcos in Romania in 2014, with Telekom Romania and RCS&RDS, all important players in the TV industry, in third and fourth place respectively.

Data collated by the country’s Finance Ministry and published by ZF shows that Orange’s revenues amounted to RON4,319.5 million (€966.5 million), down 0.4% on the previous year. Meanwhile, its net profit was RON403.6 million (-19.4%) and debt RON2,299.8 million (+45.6%).

The fixed line services of what is now Telekom Romania had revenues of RON2,707.2 million (-0.1%), with no other figures available.

Although RCS&RDS saw its revenues grow by 10% to RON2,312.6 million, it had a net loss of RON71 million , with no figure being available for 2013 for comparison purposes. Its debts stood at RON4,327.2 million (+8.7%).

UPC Romania had revenues of RON491.9 million (+8%), while its net profit was RON206.7 million (no figure available for 2013).Its debts grew by 19.7% to RON1,477.2 million.

The cable operator DCS (AKTA) had revenues of RON176.9 million (+5.6%) and a net loss of RON9 million. Its debts fell by 6.6% to RON122.7 million.

Significantly, Vodafone was the second largest telco in Romania in revenue terms, though both that (-0.4%) and net profit (-19.4%) fell in the year.

It could become a key player in Romania’s TV industry should a much talked about deal with Liberty Global go ahead.