AmericaTeVe Mundo Fox appoints new Puerto Rican GM

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 13 June 2015

AmericaTeVe Mundo Fox has named Juan Miguel Hernandez as general manager of its Puerto Rico base, an appointment effective immediately.

Before stepping in as GM, Hernandez was sales manager at SBS Puerto Rico at its stations La Mega, Estereotempo, La Nueva 94, Z-93 and Ritmo 96.5, being previously responsible for major launches in programming at Mega TV Puerto Rico, including the mini-series GABRIEL.

His past experiences include roles as sales executive in La Mega and Cima 96.5, AE for stations Estereo Tempo, Cosmos 94, Z-93 and Cima 96.5 and the successful launch of MTV Puerto Rico.

Hernandez will be responsible for every aspect of the Puerto Rico operation. He is also responsible for producing all advertising revenues for the stations.

“I'm honoured and proud to belong to the great family of AmericaTeVe Mundo Fox. Together we will reach our goals along with our clients who support us endlessly,” stated Hernández.

“We are very excited to have Juan Miguel on board. He brings a broad knowledge of creative promotional ideas, key contacts and experience with the retail side of our business that is core to our growth in Puerto Rico,” added Donny Hudson, executive VP of sales for AmericaTeVe Mundo Fox, for Miami, New York and Puerto Rico