Syfy, LG partner for improved interactive TV experience

DetailsJoseph O'Halloran | 14 June 2015

Original content company Syfy has entered into a partnership with CE giant LG Electronics USA to launch a launch a new interactive TV consumer app designed to improve overall experience.

lg sysfyBeginning with the Season 3 premiere of Defiance, the Syfy Sync for LG Smart TV app allows viewers to go inside Syfy shows in a new way by recognising the episode viewers are watching and delivering contextual content to their LG Smart TV in real time. It allows viewers with LGs TVs to get behind-the-scenes trivia, participate in interactive polls and learn more about the backstory of the series. The Syfy Sync app responds to what viewers are watching and delivers a new level of interaction while they are actively watching Syfy shows on their LG Smart TV.

Syfy says that LG was selected as the premiere launch partner because of the company's advanced Smart TV innovations with its webOS Smart TV platform, and for its leadership in TV display with its OLED 4K/Ultra HD TVs and 4K/Ultra HD LED TVs. The interactive feature will be available on sets enabled with automatic content recognition (ACR) and will also be available soon on LG Smart TVs featuring LG's webOS Smart TV platform.

"From its inception, Syfy Sync has always been seen as a multi-platform play and we're thrilled to be partnering with LG to bring the experience it to a new platform with season 3 of Defiance," said Matthew Chiavelli, vice president of digital media and strategy for Syfy. 'The LG Smart TV platform provides an incredible user experience along with an incredible TV picture quality for Syfy's devoted fans to go even deeper into our programming."

Added David VanderWaal, vice president of marketing for LG Electronics USA: "Interactive TV with Syfy's Defiance delivers a new, engaging TV experience, leveraging the power and simplicity of LG's webOS smart TV platform along with our incredible picture quality. Syfy and NBC Universal have been pioneers in real-time interactive TV for second-screen viewing, and LG is enthusiastic to work with them to bring this integrated experience to the big screen."

LG's recognition and interactive platform is powered by Cognitive Networks, a provider of ACR services on smart TVs. Cognitive's system allows such sets to become contextually aware, enabling the launch of intelligently synchronised HTML5 web applications and the real-time seamless connection of live or time-shifted over-the-air programming with services delivered via broadband. Syfy also engaged interactive audience engagement platform firm Watchwith to power the in-program interactive engagement that appears as a subtle broadcast graphic-style overlay in the upper left portion of the screen.