Ultra HD mobile video to drive LATAM LTE penetration

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 16 June 2015

Increasing demand led by new services, specifically high definition (HD) and Ultra HD mobile video consumption, will drive 4G network penetration from being a residual service to being the main mobile technology across Latin America.

According to Argentina's Carrier y Asociados, free spectrum and aerials are still required to guarantee full LTE coverage across the region to support this demand, and public and private sectors will need to work hand to hand to solve regulatory and infrastructure issues in the near future.

The analyst believes the future will be driven by a soaring demand, following the increased adoption of smartphones - which currently account for nine in ten phones purchased. On top of that, apps demanding a huge volume of data, topped by mobile video platforms, will drive growth of device sales and 4G consumption.

Carrier y Asociados reports that, as has been observed in other regions, Latin Americans are gradually abandoning fixed services for mobile devices and networks.

With spectrum slots available in an unequal ratio across the region, according to the analyst, advanced LTE and the possibility of carrier aggregation will also be key features in 4G development, enabling a more efficient use of the current networks.

Another factor allowing for fast adoption of LTE technology to keep up with demand is aerials, which are not always available as needed. Regulations to ensure the deployment of more secure and efficient aerials are also required in LATAM, although some countries such as Chile, Peru and Brazil have already solved these issues.