Messi signs for The US, the Netherlands, Italy

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 16 June 2015

Following major distribution agreements across Latin America and the movie's premiere in several festivals across the world, Mediapro has announced new deals to bring Messi, directed by Álex de la Iglesia, to Holland, Argentina, Italy, Bermuda and the US.

The film was recently part of the Sports Film Festival - Leiden International Film Festival (Holland) and the Venice Days Festival (Argentina). It also premiered in Italy on 1 June. It will also feature at the Bermuda Weekend Film Series Festival (Bermuda), which kicks off on 20 June, and the Balbopark - San Diego Latin Film Festival (USA), which opens on 10 July.

The film was produced by Mediapro and brought the Venice Days section of the Venice International Film Festival to a close in September. It has been shown in countries as far apart as Japan, Taiwan, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Holland, Bulgaria and Israel. Premiered in Latin America on DIRECTV and via Orange and Canal+ in Spain, the movie can also be seen on airlines around the world.

The film is also set for release in Australia, Turkey and more than 50 countries in Africa via deals with local operators.

In the movie, Messi's teachers, trainers, childhood friends and team mates, as well as journalists, writers and football legends take an in-depth look the player's personality both on and off the pitch, looking back at some of the key moments in his life.