Amazon gears up for Annedroids season two

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 16 June 2015

Amazon has announced the second season of its Emmy-nominated original kids' series Annedroids.

The online video show will premiere on Thursday 2 July for Amazon Prime members in the US. Created by Emmy Award-winning producer/director JJ Johnson (Dino Dan) and Sinking Ship Entertainment (Odd Squad), the new season features the voice of Geena Davis and is aimed at children aged six through 11.

Annedroids is a live-action adventure series about Anne, a young female scientist, her human friends and the android assistants she's created, and the scientific discoveries they make while undertaking the biggest experiment of them all: growing up. The series spotlights, through trial and error, how science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) can inspire children to do great things.

"We're excited to bring to our customers another season of adventures with Anne and her friends, as they embark on more scientific discovery," said Tara Sorensen, head of kids' programming at Amazon Studios. "JJ Johnson and Sinking Ship have successfully developed a strong, relatable female character at the helm of a children's series that organically weaves in the STEM curriculum to kids."