Young people in the UK have a more varied TV diet than the UK average.

The Truth About Youth, produced for Thinkbox by youth research specialists Platypus, found TV accounts for 81% of UK video consumption, compared to 65% for 16-24s.

The younger age group is also more likely to subscribe to Netflix or other subscription VOD services, 4% as opposed to 2%; and to watch YouTube, 7% against 3.5%.

Part of the reason behind the differences in viewing is explained by 16-24 year-olds use of new screens such as tablets and smart phones. 30% of 16-24s’ video viewing is on these devices – double that of the average individual at 15%.

The Platypus study found that the 14 to 24s had more free time than most, so the type of viewing undertaken ranges from highly immersive viewing to boredom-busting.

As the age group is often constrained when it comes to the control of the main screen – by parents, siblings or friends – they are pushed towards watching more video on second screens.

Joanne Cliff, Platypus Research: “By examining the media habits of this diverse age group in the context of their everyday lives we have gained an enlightening perspective not only about the role of different forms of media for young people but also the specific needs of this age group that are being met in a very different way to other age groups.”

While attitudes to advertising are vroadly similar to the population as a whole, the young are more likely to favour advertising featuring personalities they relate to.

They are also less likely to be attracted by hard sell advertising.