TWC slapped with Net neutrality complaint

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 17 June 2015

The FCC's new Net neutrality rules in the US went into effect on 12 June 2015, and Time Warner Cable has now become the first company invoked in a complaint using the rules.

Commercial Network Services says that it's accusing the cable provider of charging it unreasonable rates to deliver live video streams to TWC customers, including CNS' heavily military audience.

"This is not traffic we're pushing to Time Warner; this is traffic that their paying Internet access subscribers are asking for from us," said CNS CEO Barry Bahrami.

The new FCC regulations ban paid prioritisation, which establishes 'fast lanes' that companies can pay for to give their traffic priority.

TWC responds that it's willing to enter no-money agreements if partners agree to "settlement-free peering," where they exchange "large amounts of traffic at multiple locations" with the cableco.