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Thread: Amiko Hd IP TV Editor

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    Amiko Hd IP TV Editor

    Amiko Hd IP TV Editor

    on this version and improved the code transformation from basic format m3u

    Here I must point out:
    -program supports the transformation from basic to m3u txt file (necessary for the decoder)
    -supports also Txt format and always has to be a model m3u

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    Re: Amiko Hd IP TV Editor

    Amico Hd Ip Tv Editor1_0_1_8
    new program with multiple functions
    adatte a new server
    improving conversion code to m3u--txt
    add conversion txt to m3u
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    Re: Amiko Hd IP TV Editor

    Possibility di create to file it ezip server.txt
    from menu File / EzipIptv and open a new window where e possibile insert to 8 server

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    Amiko HD IPTV Editor

    in the new version I added the ability to change the language
    at the moment are available only 3 languages
    English; Italian; Romanian

    I suggest you download this version even if you have the fate update for older versions
    I also changed the updater and also prepared for future versions that will serve the additional components
    necessarily for the function of the program

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