Over two-fifths of cloud-users in Spain store video

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 18 June 2015

Cloud-based services and storage are gaining popularity, as shown by the latest report from Spain's telecoms observatory ONTSI which has found that just over 40% of cloud-storage users keep videos there.

Perfil Sociodemográfico de Los Internautas, which is based on 2014 figures from the national statistics institute (INE), shows that almost every millennial (16-34) used the Internet at least once a week.

The most popular Internet habits are checking email (90.5%) and social networking (74.4%), but nearly six out of ten Spaniards also download and/or watch online films and series.

Focusing on cloud-based activities, the report found that millennials with a good education are the group who most use these kinds of platforms. The cloud is mostly used for storage (83.8% keep pictures and 40.5% keep videos there) with the main reasons being because it's easier to share content, it gives users access from different devices and can be used as a back-up.

Still, nearly seven in ten Spanish know about the cloud but don't use it, being among the reasons the lack of trust on cloud providers and security and privacy issues.

All in all, the report shows that Spain is becoming increasingly connected and using online services more, rising from 35% using the Internet weekly in 2015 to 71% doing so currently.