Mediapro deploys simultaneous global sports broadcasts

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 18 June 2015

From Spain and Portugal to New Zealand, Chile, Angola and Canada, last weekend Mediapro deployed simultaneous sports broadcasts on four different continents.

Thanks to its mobile units and DSNGs, Mediapro broadcast events including the Women's World Cup and under-20s World Cup in soccer, Copa América and UEFA matches for the European Cup 2016, throughout 15 territories.

In Europe, Mediapro produced TV shows in Spain, France, Turkey and Portugal (XCAT World Series), Malta, Gibraltar and Andorra. And following qualifying matches for Africa's Cup 2017, the company was also present in Sudan, Gabon, Angola and Tunisia.

In America, the strongest presence was in Chile, were the Copa América is currently taking place, but Mediapro also presented the Canadian Women's World Cup. The under-20 competition, being held in New Zealand until 20 June, was also covered by Mediapro's team.

In addition to producing sports for Spanish networks, Mediapro is also successfully producing its own channels, such as the Formula One network which is distributed across Latin America.