DIRECTV taps Toolbox for Copa América's TV everywhere app

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 18 June 2015

In another big win for Argentina's Toolbox, DIRECTV has selected Cloud Hub and Cloud Pass to enable its Play app to deliver Copa América 2015 to screens across Latin America.

Through DIRECTV Play, pay-TV subs can watch the region's largest football event of the year live anywhere, at any time, and on several connected devices at the same time.

The Cloud Hub solution indexes, organises and gathers signals from different programmes onto a single cloud-based platform, presenting them afterwards as a single piece of content but keeping licences and rights sources. The solution enables subscriber to access football content wherever they are.

The Cloud Pass authentication platform designed by Toolbox has become one of the leading ID management tools in the region, identifying users with a single log-in no matter the device they're using.

"Both Cloud Hub and Cloud Pass, the solutions used by DIRECTV Play, are working fluently during the Copa América broadcasts," said Luciano Cavalieri, Toolbox partner. "We're happy that DIRECTV is trusting us; both solutions are ready to support the huge amount of users of these types of events."

It's not the first time Toolbox has supported DIRECTV's TV everywhere experiences, as the company recently tapped the Argentinean provider for the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight.