4KTV panel penetration slips in May 2015

DetailsJoseph O'Halloran | 18 June 2015

The recent impressive shipment performance of 4KTV panels came to a halt in May 2015 according to research from WitsView.

WitsView's Monthly LCD TV Panel Supply Chain Tracker revealed that shipments of LCD TV panels in May totalled 22.72 million units, a 4% increase over the previous month and a 9% year-on-year increase. However, 4KTV panel shipments had a monthly decline, from April's 3.1 million units to three million in May. As a result, the market penetration of 4KTV panels also saw a slight drop from April's 14.4% to May's 13.6%. WitsView said that the outstanding shipment performance of 4KTV panels in April was owed to the stock-up demand generated by the Chinese Labour sales. The penetration rate then was 14.4%, a big leap from the first quarter's 8.7%.

Among the major 4KTV panel makers, SDC, AUO and BOE saw the most notable increases in their 4KTV panel shipments, and their market shares also grew from 35%, 8% and 4% in April to 43%, 9% and 6% in May respectively. By contrast, shipments weakened for LGD and Innolux, with panels sized 49", 50" and 55"contributing to the decline. The most demanded size for 4KTV panel in May was still the 55", which saw its share in the 4KTV panel market increased from April's 29% to May's 31%.

Yet, overall, the WitsView analysis indicates that the year's outlook for 4KTV panels remains bright. Despite May's demand fluctuations, 4KTV models were still the stellar products for branded TV vendors during the upcoming holiday sales. Moreover, the analyst also noted that TV networks in the United States and Europe are actively expanding 8K content. In all WitsView predicted that at the end of 2015 the penetration rate of 4K panels would likely be at 17%, a significant increase from the 7.8% in 2014.