SGL speeds up Avid ISIS archive and retrieval

DetailsEditor | 18 June 2015

Content archive and storage management software provider SGL is claiming to have turned the dial up on the transfer speed of high-resolution material in the Avid ISIS shared storage environment.

SGL has partnered with Avid for the past 11 years to deliver solutions that are required by broadcast facilities, including SGL FlashNet, an engine that drives Avid Interplay Archive and provides an integrated media asset management (MAM)/PAM archive solution.

The new Direct Connect is attributed with offering spectacular gains in reducing transfer times and boosting system performance when working with longer form content and is said to be set up for the advent of HDTV, 4KTV and 8K. SGL claims that by using Direct Connect, clips or sequences over several GBs in size can be archived and retrieved significantly faster, as can shorter clips with high bit rates such as HD trailers and commercials.

"Traditionally, content passed between SGL FlashNet and Avid ISIS is sent via Avid's archive provider. In the past when file sizes were smaller this worked well, but for high-resolution file-based content this method has some performance implications," explained SGL director of product management Lee Sheppard. "Direct Connect enables FlashNet to connect directly to the ISIS storage system using 1/10 GB Ethernet."