Ooyala enables premium anti-blocking, ad feature to unlock lost revenue

DetailsEditor | 18 June 2015

Online video technology firm Ooyala has released the first integration of its video and ad tech platforms, to bring better viewer experience, improved ad targeting and personalisation into its core video offering.

The new technology, released just six months after the Telstra subsidiary's acquisition of Videoplaza, is designed to take advantage of key features in Ooyala's ad-serving platform. A new plug-in, available immediately, includes functions such as anti-ad blocking technology, sequencing for storytelling, audience targeting for ad personalisation and customisation capabilities.

The stand-out feature is arguably the anti-ad blocking technology, designed to act as an important new means of unlocking significant revenue by preventing the use of third-party ad blockers, which keep video ads from displaying. Five major European premium publishers have used this technology since December 2014, consistently unlocking more than 90 million ad impressions per month that were previously blocked and otherwise could not have been monetised. As a result, the customers claim to have banked more than $1 million of additional, previously lost, revenue per month. The feature is also said to ensure more accurate reporting of ad impressions for advertisers.

The new online video plug-in also offers ad clash protection to guarantee advertisers protection from competing advertisements within a session or ad break, and ad sequencing which is claimed to strengthen the storytelling of a brand's ad campaign by serving the proper sequence of ads for a viewer watching a single programme.

Other features include audience targeting for ad personalisation, dynamic live ad insertion, and interactive features that track interactions such as closure, expansion of the ad, the ad selector format as well as skip-ahead functionality.

"This is a major step forward for Ooyala customers as we weave our ad tech into our widely adopted personalised video platform," said Jonathan Wilner, vice president of product at Ooyala www.ooyala.com. "It provides an entirely new value-add for our customers as they begin to see how key components of our advertising technology stack can impact audience engagement and improve profitability when used in conjunction with our video platform."