JeanDavid Blanc, founder of AlloCiné, and Pierre Lescure, founder of Canal+, have teamed up to create an innovative service for the distribution programmes and channels : Molotov.

Molotov is promising to disrupt the current TV distribution offering in the coming months. The company has applied for a licence with the French broadcasting regulatory authority (CSA),

“Molotov is a new and innovative service for the distribution of television channels, originating from the desire of its founders to adapt them to modern needs< ' according to the company,

The full public launch of Molotov in France is expected in the fall, following a Beta testing period during the summer, on an invitation only discovery preview available on

Announcing the launch of Molotov, its founders declared, “The essence of Molotov is to lead the distribution of TV channels and programmes in a new direction, better reflecting their quality and diversity, and bring traditional television into the Internet era”.

Molotov was created by JeanDavid Blanc, founder of AlloCiné, France’s first cinema and entertainment information service, together with Pierre Lescure, founder of Canal+, the French premium cable television channel and senior figure of the French TV industry, including Jean-Marc Denoual (TF1) and Kevin Kuipers (AlloCiné, Gamekult, SensCritique) joining the adventure.

Backed by Idinvest Partners, a European leader in private equity, and a group of private investors, Molotov intends to disrupt viewers’ habits and usage by offering a brand new experience to access TV programmes and channels.