Telestream launches Tempo for channel partners

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 19 June 2015

Telestream's Tempo time adjustment software is now available from Telestream's worldwide network of direct enterprise sales and resellers.

Tempo helps re-time file-based online video content and intelligently adjusts the running time of shows and segments. It utilises time compression algorithms within its workflow management and transcoding system to interpolates the desired time change over the duration of the content in a way that produces no noticeable visual or audible artefacts. The company said that it can adjust an existing asset's running time from 1% to 10% without any perceived loss of video or audio quality.

"A key goal during the development of Tempo was to make the quality of output so good, that QC after the process would not be necessary," said Paul Turner, VP of enterprise product management at Telestream. "We are confident that we have achieved that and look forward to hearing this sentiment echoed by our customers."