Popcornflix launches extreme sports genre for streaming video

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 19 June 2015

Popcornflix has launched an extreme sports genre for its streaming online video line-up.

The content features eight popular series, including Wild Spirits, which is currently broadcast on NBC Universal Sports, Wild Spirits H2O, Wild Surf and Better than Four, all produced by Boulder Creek International, along with fighting series such as Hard Knocks and Ultimate Combat Experience.

Wild Spirits gives viewers insight into the lives of athletes within the free-skiing, ice-climbing and trail-running communities. Wild Spirits H2O offers the best events in extreme water sports action, among them bodyboarding and extreme sailing, in locations around the world. Wild Surf follows iconic surfers as they confront extreme conditions in Antarctica and ride the waves in Fiji, India and other locations. And Better than Four is an action-packed programme covering extreme cycling.

The fighting series cover the MMA universe, ranging from kickboxing and jiu-jitsu to wrestling.

"It is our intention to bring a diverse range of entertainment to our users. With this in mind, we are happy to present this unique genre to our audience. Very few services offer quality, on-demand extreme sports completely for free," said David Fannon, EVP at Popcornflix. "We're proud to give viewers hours of heart-pounding action just in time for the summer."