Dutch public broadcaster NPO is looking to broadcast its free-to-air channels NPO1, 2 and 3 in HD using the DVB-T2 standard from 2017 onwards.

NPO chairman Henk Hagoort told the audience at the Mediapark Jaarcongres in Hilversum. NPO is currently broadcasting its three main national channels in DVB-T via the Dutch digital terretrial network.

Hagoort said he wants to offer more choice to the viewer and offering the NPO channels in HD quality via the DTT network will help the viewer choose between the various platforms.

At the moment, KPN is offering a limited bouquet of channels via its Digitenne subsidiary. This pay TV option is using the DVB-T standard. The current terrestrial licences, both for Digitenne and for the NPO, run out early 2017, bit the government is planning a three-year extension.

Should the Dutch public broadcasters indeed choose DVB-T2, it will make all current Digitenne and free-to-air receivers obsolete.