The TV music station Ocko has launched what is the first HbbTV app with a commercial use in the Czech Republic.

Produced with the start-up company Liftago, Ocko Taxi allows viewers to watch an on-screen map of Prague and see the taxi’s current location. It also allows viewers to claim a voucher worth CZK400 (€14.7) for their first ride.

Along with the public broadcaster Ceske Televize (CT), Ocko has played an important role in introducing HbbTV services into the Czech Republic. Its HbbTV offer includes a live stream of the proprietary channel Ocko Expres and SMS Flirt Chat.

According to Lukas Hnilicka, Ocko’s CTO, “HbbTV stats are more than satisfying. During the last nine months, we have monitored more than 800.000 unique users and over 17.500.000 page views. Moreover, stats are still growing. “The HbbTV platform is a way forward with huge potential. We are happy to cooperate with successful partners such as Liftago. We are finding ways and tools how to monetise this revolutionary platform”.

Ondrej Kratky, Liftago co-founder, added: “The HbbTV method is how to make a TV screen interactive and offer to its viewers what they search for at the exact moment. For instance, transportation to party after watching the evening programme.

“I find it brilliant that Ocko attempts to design additional value for its viewers. Together with it Ocko builds an effectively measurable marketing channel”.