Perception TV, the multiscreen IPTV platform, is seeking additional funding as it moves from central London to a new facility at Chiswick Park.

Peter Cox, Perception TVís marketing director, said the move was typical of a small business looking to move to the next stage. Perception is looking to raise between £5 million and £25 million, depending on the proposal.

Cox explained that as the technology has evolved, Perception has moved from hardware to a software-based platform.

Built on a Slovenian-developed technology, the platform offers cloud-based features that enable TV to be streamed to multiple devices from boxes through to tablets and phones. Slovenian telco T2, where Perception made its debut, boasts 300,000 live devices. Itís running on boxes, iOS and Android.

In addition to traditional pay-TV platforms, Perception is also finding favour on board ships where its mix of on demand and live television provides passengers with TV from back home, timeshifted to a more acceptable timeslot.