Telefónica kicks off cable TV network digitalisation in Peru

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 22 June 2015

Aiming to build a more secure network to fight piracy, Telefónica has started the digitalisation of its cable TV network in Peru's capital city Lima, as a part of its programme for cable and infrastructure reorganisation and maintenance.

By the beginning of June, the company had been working in 20 districts inside Lima such as La Victoria, San Miguel, Los Olivos or Independencia. Telefónica works together with the local authorities, focusing on the areas in which network issues had been reported before.

According to the Spain-based telco, pirate connections to the network in order to steal pay-TV signal are behind many of the problems, including low quality images for regular subs.

"As a part of our plan to reduce pirate connections impact we think digitalisation of cable TV network in Lima is essential, a plan which is also to continue during 2016 first six months", pointed out Israel Tokashiki, director of Telefónica's technical service in Peru. "We believe the digital system will help to reduce the presence of pirate cables".

Telefónica, which is also checking the fixed telephone lines across Lima, has budgeted nearly $20 million for network maintenance in the capital, of which $600,000 are dedicated to digitalisation.

Peru is currently Telefónica's stronges pay-TV market in Latin America, with nearly one million subs in a market with less than 1.5 million legal households.