Globo takes 4K content to South Korea

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 23 June 2015

Brazilian production house Globo has licensed the film Time and the Wind in 4K/Ultra HD format to the EPG media group of South Korea.

The EPG media group, a long-time partner of Globo, has already shown hits from the Brazilian broadcaster such as Brazil Avenue, Precious Pearl , winner of the 2014 International Emmy, The Party, and the drama series Merciless. Also as part of the new deal, EPG has acquired rights for all the films from Globo's 2015 portfolio: Trust, The Invisible Woman, Men Are From Mars... And That's Where I'm Going!, and The Party Crashers.

"We think Ultra HD will be a main stream of broadcasting market in the near future and will be a new blue ocean. The Time and The Wind has an important meaning to us in the way that it will be the first step of a new business era", commented Johwang Suh, CEO at EPG. "The film is best quality not only in technically but also in storyline. We hope that starting with this content, we can introduce more good Ultra HD content from Globo and it will make us take an initiative in 4K content market in Korea".

"We are always attentive to new technologies, to all the resources that allow us to provide an even richer experience to our viewers. The use of 4K, or Ultra HD, with its higher definition and image quality, makes our stories even more fascinating and more captivating almost as if the viewers were seeing their favourite show right there, live, in front of them", added Raphael Corręa Netto, Globo's executive director of international business.