Spanish pirate risks running aground

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 23 June 2015

One of the most popular pirate sites for live Spanish language sports programming,, faces closure after a court in Madrid forced the site to break its links and immediately stop working.

Founded in Spain has grown across the Spanish-speaking community both in the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America. The site indexes pirate signals from pay-TV operators from every sports event of the day, including major football and basketball leagues from around the world. It is thought to cost the broadcast industry €500 million per year in Spain alone through piracy of football content.

According to information published by Mediapro, the court decided so following a petition of the production house and GolTV, a major manager of football rights in Spain. The order extends to similar services or parallel webs that can be created in the future.

"We had great news", said Ignacio Martínez Trujillo, director of strategic projects for Spain's football league La Liga. Martínez Trujillo explained that Rojadirecta has one week to comply with the sentence, otherwise Internet service providers (ISP) have been told to block the access to the site.

"La Liga has intensively been working against piracy during last 18 months and today we have won the first great battle following the legal ways we have", said Martínez Trujillo.