Spain leads on the go TV consumption

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 23 June 2015

Ahead of two largest markets for mobile penetration such as the US and the UK, Spain leads mobile TV consumption, with nearly six in ten Spaniards watching television on the go.

According to a sneak peak of the ARRIS Consumer Entertainment Index (CEI) report, the full version of which will be published by the end of July, 58% Spanish watch mobile TV, compared with 48% in the UK and 42% in the US. In addition, almost a fifth of Spaniards consume TV away from home every single day. For those who do not watch mobile TV, the main reasons behind the decision in the three countries are small screen size and expensive data tariff, with most of complaints concerned with pricing.

Yet mobile devices are not the preferred platform for streaming, with laptops topping the pile in the UK (32% of users), Spain (31%) and the US (30%), followed by desktop PC -Spain (31%), US (24%) and UK (22%). Besides, tablets are used by nearly 24% of streaming consumers in the UK.

The data from ARRIS report also show interesting trends about binge-viewing , defined as a largely solo-activity (58% of cases), carried through home TVs and Wi-Fi networks.

Spain is the only country in which more binge-viewing is done between couples than solo, while in the US (nearly 70% solo against 40% in couples) and the UK (65% against 45%), viewers are mostly alone when they watch one episode after another of their favourite series.