Dear Friends
Ive got a diablo LAN as expecific above... and triyed several times to program it with underworld files 2.28 or 2.30 etc etc using cas2 but no sucess, ... Ive casStudio 9.8.4 instaled on a wxp it connects with a ding dong and a green light at left down corner at pc screen and... I can read a cam, I can do a backup and can format it, ... I can charge the backup file with no problems, but update a underwold file it give me allways an error like this... at small window...
verify file Run time error "438"
Object doesnt support this propety or method

is possible drive me to the right way for I program this cam? I did got another programmer cas 3 to try with this one... instead cas2


apreciate very much a elp to try do it working plz

diablo2 LAN 2.8