Azteca preps new telenovela to premiere for summer holidays

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 25 June 2015

Mexico's Azteca, one of the world's leading producers of Spanish-language TV programming, is in the process of producing a new telenovela, Tanto Amor, for the national channel Azteca 13.

Set to premiere on August 2015, and produced by Rita Fusaro, the programme stars radio and television personality Melissa Barrera (The Chicas Project, Siempre Tuya) and Mexican actor Leonardo Garcia (Los Rey, Contrato de Amor, A Corazon Abierto), the soap opera aims to draw the audience worldwide, as it happened before with other Azteca productions. The new telenovela is part of the broadcaster's strategy to continue to generate quality content for prime-time viewing.

"Tanto Amor is a project we have been working on for over a year and is the latest version of my first telenovela Con Toda El Alma", said Elisa Salinas, director of Azteca Novelas , commenting on the production.

Tanto Amor is an original story by Ligia Lezama, adapted by Mauricio Somuano and Gloria Bautista. Additional cast include Ofelia Medina, Rossana Najera, Andrea Noli and Arap Betke, among others.