Idomoo launches dynamic suite for automated personalised video

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 25 June 2015

Video provider Idomoo is to launch a dynamic story-building suite as part of a personalised video (PV) cloud platform, opening Idomoo's technology to agencies and marketing teams.

The solution is said to encompass all of the steps included in the personalised video creation process and bundle them into one package, automating and streamlining the video creation process. The story-building suite also includes dynamic video ads, as well as video templates.

For the last several months, the dynamic story-building suite has been in a beta phase, where it has already been used by more than 50 creative agencies such Ogilvy, RAAP, Switch Video, DDB and Pink Banana to independently build thousands of personalised videos.

"Idomoo's platform has enabled our agency to provide our clients with the ability to communicate with their customers and user base in a manner which allows them to foster a deeper personal and emotional connection", said Russell Garn, associate creative director of Omnicom subsidiary RAPP .

"Personalised video has been proven to significantly increase customer engagement and conversion results across many industries and we are now bringing this capability to every business," added Idomoo co-founder and CEO Yaron Kalish.