FightBox hooks InPlayer for HD PPV paywall

DetailsEditor | 25 June 2015

Video paywall technology supplier InPlayer has punched out a contract to power the HD pay-per-view online multiscreen video-on-demand service from FilmBox Live.

The company believes that with what it calls the massive growth of online video, in-player overlay video monetisation technology such as its own is proving increasing popular. In the new deployment, FilmBoxLive, delivered by SPI International, will offer its subscribers access to several live-streaming channels, as well as a library of films, documentaries, sports, fashion and music videos. InPlayer has been working with FilmBox Live over the past few years, providing the InPlayer technology for FilmBox Live video-on-demand services and monetising all their content across mobile, TV apps and websites. However, this is the first time that FilmBox Live has used a pay-per-view solution.

"We are very excited to extend our existing relationship with FilmBox Live to support and guide them in their new pay-per-view business model for the FightBox HD channel," explained InPlayer CEO Jean-Charles Lacoste. "We have extensive experience of both the VOD and PPV monetisation strategies across a number of areas and content genres, so we have been able to provide FilmBox Live a secure and reliable end-to-end solution for their new channel dedicated to mixed-martial arts."

added FilmBox Live COO Guney Yasavur: "We already have a successful and proven business model in the VOD space for our live-streaming channels and on-demand video offering. Now we are looking forward to exploring the pay-per-view strategy for our new FightBoxLive online service with the support of InPlayer. As we are ever expanding in new geographies, it has been very important for us to partner with a secure, reliable, and easy to use technology provider who can support us across all new territories, collecting payment in local currencies, while adapting the user interface to local markets and language".