Prime Entertainment Group scores sports and entertainment deal with MBC

DetailsEditor | 27 June 2015

Prime Entertainment Group has announced a package deal of 578 hours with its partner of the last three years, MBC.

Prime MBCThe MENA-based company is the historical and leading broadcaster of Mauritius Island, airing in multiple languages including English and French. The group has expanded a lot over recent months, growing to 18 channels including a sports channel.

MBC says that it was ‘glad’ to be able to select the content which also includes 400 hours of quality sports programmes within Prime Entertainment Group’s catalogue. Shows include the combat magazines JLB 39x26’ hosted by Kick Boxing World Champion Jérôme le Banner; No Contest 30x26’; Face to Face 20x26’; the series World Tour of Martial Arts 12x26; and 120 hours of kick boxing fights from 2014-2015.

Prime’s sports and fitness catalogue is sold across the world to channels such as Ma Chaine Sport in France, Nova Life in Greece, First HD in Russia, Claro Sports in Mexico and LI TV in Malaysia among others.