Mysteries of Laura's Russian version hits fifth of Spanish viewers

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 27 June 2015

Having premiered its first season a few weeks ago, the Russian version of Boomerang TV's Mysteries of Laura has scored great audience figures on the public network Channel One, hitting almost 20% of audience share during the last broadcast episodes.

Produced for the country by Starmedia Film, the first two episodes premiered on 3 June during Channel One's prime-time, scoring 15.9% share, 1.3 points more than the network's average. But the series has been growing through last weeks, with latest two episodes overcoming 19% share.

In the Russian version, Inga Oboldina plays Larisa, known in the Spanish and US versions as Inspector Lebrel. Her partner on the force, Martín, is played by Kirill Pletnev, while Ekaterina Malikova plays the Inspector's colleague Lydia, and Grigory Zelzer plays Igor, her ex-husband and boss.

The original series has been sold in many countries, mostly in Latin America, including Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Peru and the Dominican Republic. It has also seen a successful premiere in the US through NBC, which has announced it will run the series for a second seasons.

In addition to the Mysteries of Laura, Boomerang TV has recently seen success with it latest drama, Acacias 38, which is running in Italy's Canale 5 after success in Spain's public broadcaster TVE. Premiered last week, the series reached over 2.6 million Italians during prime-time.