Streaming soars in Argentina as pay-TV keeps momentum

DetailsEditor | 27 June 2015

With signs pointing to cord-cutting in Latin America's most mature and saturate market, Argentina, streaming has found its place and is growing among all ages and social groups, becoming specially strong among Millennials.

According to the Usuario Online 2015 report from Carrier y Asociados, pay-TV still clearly dominates the market, with 85% penetration across every socio-economic group. But streaming, both free and paid, and also including pirate platforms, is already used by one in three Argentinians with access to the Internet, growing the rate to one in two among Millennials.

Around 23% of connected Argentinians also download content, and 22% consume TV content through an over-the-top (OTT) platform. In contrast to these figures, the still-under-deployment DTT network, Television Digital Abierta (TDA), is consumed by 14% of Argentinians.

OTT services, clearly dominated by Netflix, are much more common in homes with medium-high socio-economic levels, in which the pay-TV options are also more sophisticated, like digital, HD packages or DVR options.

According the the analyst's report, Argentina is a saturated market but the different ways of consuming video are finding its way to enter it, opening a great space for TV's evolution in a pacific competition scenario.