Arab satellite channels adopt greater Web presence

DetailsRebecca Hawkes | 29 June 2015

Around 70% of the 724 operational free-to-air satellite television channels targeting the Arab world now have an online presence, according to the Arab Advisors Group.

Some 91% of these now include a portal, providing integration between the website and corresponding satellite channel, said the Amman-based research company. And of those analysed, many whose online presence was relatively weak during the study undertaken in April and May 2015 demonstrated an intention to enhance their Internet offer.

"The analysis reveals that a majority of the 505 channels that have an online site choose to have an enhanced online presence. Furthermore, 24.6% of channels with an online presence generate online revenues from their supporting online presence, such as: online advertisement and online shopping," said Hind Qweider, senior research analyst, Arab Advisors Group.

Dalia Haddad, Arab Advisors' senior research analyst, added: "Almost 42.5% of the satellite channels have online presences for promotional purposes only and do not aim at generating online revenues. [The] 23.5% of the channels that have online revenue generating features have an enhanced online presence."