Serbia is set to privatise a number of broadcasters, including the long established Studio B.

According to local media sources, the Privatisation Agency announced a tender for the sale of 100% of the Belgrade-based Studio B late last week, with local and foreign individual and legal entities, as well as consortia of legal and or physical persons, allowed to participate.

The starting price for Studio B, based on its capitalisation at the end of 2014, was 528,626 and all bidders were asked for a deposit of 52,862.

The deadline for the bids, which will be opened on July 29, was June 27.

The Privatisation Agency has also announced a tender for the Tanjug news agency and 37 media outlets.

The latter include a number of regional and local TV stations.

The deadline for the bids is July 30, and their opening will take place on August 3.