Telefónica outbids Mediapro on international La Liga rights

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 01 July 2015

A new football rights war seems to be starting in Spain, with Telefónica presenting an offer for the international TV rights for La Liga, beating Mediapro.

MessiLast week, Mediapro signed a deal with La Liga to free up the TV rights contracts for 37 football clubs, so they could jointly negotiate their broadcasting rights for five seasons beginning with 2016-2017. In exchange, the Catalan group won the right to manage international rights for the Spanish football league collectively.

But Telefónica was able to hold onto the individual rights of Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Espanyol, Celta de Vigo and Real Sociedad in the initial deal, and has now presented an offer of €450 million for the next three seasons for the international carriage. That's €50 million more than Mediapro would initially pay.

The telco is also adding to the offer, among other matches, El Clasico between Barcelona and Real Madrid, the exclusive rights of which were individually negotiated by the clubs at the beginning of the year. Telefónica has long defended the move by Spain's largest clubs, which would lose important income if the rights are collectively negotiated.